Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I try to remember about the lesson I had learned many years ago. The lesson about the awareness. Aware before change. Because you cannot change another, you can change yourself, only. 

Be aware of difference between you and another. And we are all unique. Apart from obvious cosmetic change and differences of sex and culture, there will be differences such as these: how you like to disscuss something, do you like to go straight in or do you prefer to warm up, how you decide what is important to you, what your beliefs are, and your value... Where did all these come from ? Do they work for you ?

Realize that, thank goodness, your life partner/lover, your friend, your business colleague, your child is different from you. So don't expect them to have the same views as you, or the same approach as you or believe the same things. And consider accepting: that is OK.

Think about how these fundamental differences might cause challenges in your relationships. Thinking/ feeling is a measure of how do you make a decision and is one which can cause a lot of challenges, especially in love. Be aware that you can show your affection in different ways, helping, listening, caring... and like a big hug, more and more. 

Take action, don't wait. Put your ego aside.
For love.
And love.


  1. Hí hí, đến cái đoạn này là thấy day dứt trong lòng, mà nội lực mạnh, nên cầm cự được lâu hơn nữa phải không chị :))

    Em thik cái chốt: Put your ego aside (trong khi thực tế thì em chả tỉnh táo được như vậy bao giờ :D , thích là nhích thôi à )


    1. :)), chị đã cứu một người khỏi việc ăn không được, ngủ không được và làm việc cũng không được đó, em biết không :P:D


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